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While We’re Waiting for Romantic Dawn to Break in November…


First Official Trailer For Breaking Dawn, Part 1

Honestly, I’d sort of forgotten all about Twilight lately…in the lag time before the Fall 2011 premiere of Breaking Dawn, Part 1, I’d moved on to other romantic obsessions, such as all the episodes of the 80’s campy drama, Beauty and the Beast, now available on streaming video at Netflix. And then, this morning, I saw it! The brand new, just released trailer for Breaking Dawn, Part 1…and it looks like it’s gonna be epic! If you’re an older than tween Twilight fan like me, you’ll probably agree that it just seems way too cruel to make us wait till Fall. So, I found a few Twilight related items on the web that can help us all get our Twi-Fix over the summer.

All of these are ubercool, and more or less age appropriate, Twilight related goodies. Click on any of the photos to view and purchase each item from a vendor’s website…

For the cerebral Twilight Fan, there’s this book, available from Amazon.com on the philosophy of Twilight…I can’t even imagine…But, it has a 4 out of 5 star rating, so it looks to be worth a read. Apparently this is part of a larger series on the philosophy of pop culture.

This silver toned Twilight Moms medallion from Infinite Jewelry Co. is cute…I’d wear it! Well, I’d wear it to the movie, then tucked under my shirt the rest of the year…lol

Summit Entertainment makes an entire line of Twilight inspired makeup, from lip glosses, to nail polishes, to these great little complete palettes. Each is named after a character in Twilight, and inspired by the character’s personal style….This one is the Team Jacob look, with rich, warm tones…

And for the Twi-Mom who likes to plan ahead, and lives within spitting distance of Utah, or comes equipped with the means to get there, here’s a fancy Breaking Dawn premiere event you can sign up for. It’s being held at the Hampton Inn in West Jordan, Utah, which is conveniently located behind the Cinemark Theater. This one even features a Renesme lookalike contest…that alone would be worth the price of admission, which is a bargain at only $35!

If you live in a chilly, Forks-like climate, and want to be stylin’ when you’re headed out to the November Breaking Dawn, Part 1 premiere, my pal Sharmon Cate Hardin, Now You’re Covered, makes a truly gorgeous replica of Bella’s La Push knit hat from the original Twilight movie! She can do them in any color too, not just Bella Gray…my favorite was a beautiful claret red. Not to worry, any color will match perfectly with the disguise you’ll be wearing as you walk up to the box office…dark glasses, fake nose, and mustache…:-)

Here is Sharmon’s Rockin’ Red Version

This is the True to Twilight Gray Movie Hat

And just so you don’t lose track of time and miss the premiere, here’s a great wall clock that is about as understated as Twilight wall clocks can get….

Happy shopping! There’s no better way to pass the Twilight time….