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Valentine’s Day Inspiration; 10 Romantic On Screen Moments


Well, tomorrow is the big day! This blog is really for you guys who are out there today–or worse, tomorrow–frantically schlepping around looking for the perfect card, box of candy, jewelry, or lingerie to let your girl know you care. Or, because there will be hell to pay if you show up empty handed.

Now, mind you, that is not a waste of your time by any stretch of the imagination. However, I cannot overstate the value of the following gestures acted out so brilliantly on silver screen and television. Because, guys, along with that overpriced ring and silly sappy poetry courtesy of Hallmark, this is what she really wants from you...


1) Rhett Sees Scarlett For The First Time

Look at her like she’s the only woman in the room…

2) “See…He’s Her Lobster!” The Ross & Rachel Prom Tape Moment  (Click Photo Below To View)

Do amazingly sweet things for her benefit, not for the recognition you’ll get for doing them…

3) John Cusak & The Boombox Scene from “Say Anything”

Say it with music…

4) William Hurt Breaks The Glass In “Body Heat”

Don’t be afraid of the grand gesture… ***Note*** For inspirational purposes only! Actual duplication of this one can lead to restraining orders and cancellation of home owner’s insurance policies. 

5) The Ending Scene Of The Notebook…True Love

Say you’ll love her forever and no matter what–and really mean it… Hint: Actions speak louder than words. 

6) From Here To Eternity, The Beach Scene

Kiss her like nobody’s ever kissed her before…

7) Any Scene From Ghost–Take Your Pick 

Self explanatory…

8) Sheldon & Amy Negotiate Love on Big Bang Theory

Compromise and give in just to make her happy…

9) I’ll Always Love You–Titanic

Give up your spot on the life raft for her…even if it costs you big time! 

10) Harry Declares His Love For Sally 

Love her not despite her flaws, but because of them…and be her lifelong best friend…


Good luck, guys….And Happy Valentine’s Day! 






Good Wife Syndrome; Family Values, or Setback for Women?


Well, by now you’ve probably heard—it’s happened again. And this time, it’s a doozie! A secret transgression, a loyal wife humiliated, and a secret “love” child kept in the shadows for 14 years. Wow…didn’t see that one coming.

Pivotal Scene Depicting the Tenfold Hurt and Fallout of Good Wife Syndrome, on “The Good Wife”

In truth, we all should have seen it coming because evidently it happens a lot. I believe the Schwarzenegger Scandal has probably topped the John Edwards/Rielle Hunter Debacle, and that’s saying a lot. But really, let’s all grow up a little here. This is nothing new…before them it was, of course, Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, and before that, JFK was a notorious serial womanizer. I’m sure his dirty laundry would have been out in the open at the time too, had TMZ and the Enquirer been hiding in his and his mistresses’ shrubbery in the 60’s…I bet politicians long for simpler times now, huh? Clearly, this is not a Republican or Democrat thing either—it’s a Man and Woman thing. It’s a marriage thing. It’s a human thing….

In fact, the practice of a politician or political hopeful cheating on his or her spouse and all of us having to hear about it when it finally blows up is an unfortunate trend that is here to stay. So much so, that CBS has turned it into a successful, critically acclaimed drama series, The Good Wife. This show is definitely one of my guilty pleasures on Tuesday nights. Maybe guilty is the wrong word…I don’t really feel guilty about watching it because, although the main character was a scorned political wife who initially stood by her man, that was definitely just the opening scene.

I watch and love The Good Wife because it isn’t just about cheating, or standing by your man, or the ever popular family values. It’s about the complexities of women—our hurts, our marital disasters, our strength, and our choices. And ultimately it’s about what lies beneath when our worlds come crashing down around our ears, and when we lose what is most important to us—what’s left of us? Who are we apart from wife and mother? Should we stay and work to rebuild our marriages, or should we leave and rebuild our lives and ourselves differently this time?

Ahhh, if only real life were like a great television show…sigh. I have no doubt that Maria Shriver will be okay. She’ll be like Alicia in The Good Wife, only better, because she’s real. That’s not what this is about, really. It’s more about a disturbing practice of political wives giving up on themselves, really, and staying in a marriage that perhaps would end if the parties were part of a Hollywood duo, who can milk the scandal for their own doses of publicity, or would probably end even if the married couple were just average, anonymous people.

Cheating happens. Sadly, it just does. And it hurts adults and children, families and societies. But, we can’t pretend it doesn’t happen. So why does it seem to happen so often in political marriages? Frankly, I doubt that politicians cheat any more often than average people. I do think that a couple that has political ambitions will tend to stay in a bad, or even a sham marriage way more often than a couple who is completely out of politics. The same thing may happen when maritial status is at much at issue, such as when the couple is involved in church work, etc.

I think  we need to stop demanding the perfect picture from our political officials—that perfect picture which includes the loving, committed, “perfect” marriage, 2.5 kids, 2 car garage, squeaky clean everything. That’s not always reality, but it seems to always be the electable political official’s reality. Hmmm…what doesn’t add up there? We all need to accept that sometimes an individual who would do an amazing job representing our interests in D.C. was a cheating cad at one point, and had a wife walk out on him. Or, maybe he cheats, and the two of them decided to stay in the marriage to actually work it out and do better next time. The point is, that when we demand that all of our backable politicians be perfect, and have the perfect marriage, we encourage and put our full support behind Good Wife Syndrome. And that hurts women, children, and families.

So, when we have another one of these scandals break, and we will—it’s only a matter of time, maybe then we should ask ourselves if that poor, scorned, humiliated, cheated on “Good Wife” would have suffered so, for so long, if not for us and our unrealistic view of the world, marriage, and family values, and our rigid application of those rigid standards to those we are willing to elect to represent us…

Good Wife Hall of Fame

Mrs. Bill Clinton

Mrs. John F. Kennedy, A Classic, Even on This Unfortunate List…

Mrs. John Edwards

Mrs. Arnold Schwarzenegger

And Mrs. Bare Chest on CraigsList….

Another Two Bite the Dust…


Speaking of entertainment trends and nostalgia, as I have been lately, it seems that yet another favorite genre of mine is going the way of the dinosaur. The longtime favorite daily escape of at-home wives and mothers (formerly known as “housewives”), the daytime drama, is being yanked from the airwaves at an alarming rate these days. While those who stay home to tend home and hearth have always loved these “Soap Operas”, when video tape recorders became popular in the 80’s, this form of melodramatic entertainment also seemed to appeal to many a working woman (and man, yes, we’re onto you guys), as well as college students. Today, die hard Soap fans record their favorites digitally to watch when they get home from work. Soaps are also now available via streaming video online, which is how I enjoy mine. I watch  “The Young and the Restless”, each evening once I finally settle down to relax after a long day of homeschooling, housework, and completion of my own brain twisting grad school assignments.

Vintage “As the World Turns” Intro

Lately, those shows that have been on the air nonstop now for 40+ years are disappearing into the ether, never to be forgotten by those of us who remember watching them, and their familiar cast of characters, literally from the playpen on… The first to go in 2009 was “Guiding Light”, the longest running daytime drama in history. “Guiding Light” was so long running that it first began on radio in 1937. This one was a favorite of my mother and grandmother, as were all of the soaps on CBS. Another long term family favorite, “As the World Turns”, began in 1956 and ended the year after Guiding Light made its final exit. The “As the World Turns” characters were like members of the family….Lisa, Bob, Kim, John and especially Holden Snyder, who kept my heart racing for decades, from the moment I first saw him jump down from that hayloft–shirtless.

Josh & Reva in a Classic Scene from “Guiding Light”

Why do I like Soaps? Well, I guess I like them because I tend to get attached to television shows and certain characters. And really, what other show can you think of that has run half a century, featuring many of the same core characters, played by the same actors and actresses? “The Simpsons” is an up and coming contender, but since it’s a cartoon, it really doesn’t count. There’s just something comforting about knowing that those people are going to be there day after day, even if they have to defy scientific law and medical reality to return from the dead multiple times in order to show up for you. And, while the storylines really are silly at times, soaps can always magically pull it off–because they’re Soaps. I’ve seen some really great performances over the years on these daytime gems as well, and obviously Hollywood agrees. Several of today’s major stars “honed their craft” as it were, on soap operas–Meg Ryan, Tommy Lee Jones, Julianne Moore, Eva Longoria, just to name a few. Now it appears that two more Soaps are scheduled to end their multi decade run on television–One Life to Live, which premiered in 1968, and All My Children, that has been on the air since 1970.

Marisa Tomei AND Julianne Moore on “As the World Turns”

So what’s going on? Reasons given by the networks for the cancellations always seem to point back to high costs of production and increasingly lowered ratings–typically a deadly combination for any television show, or any business for that matter. This might explain the demise of one show, but four in under 5 years? That tells me something else is at play here. Have we, as a nation, “outgrown” the daytime drama as an entertainment genre? I like to think not, because I really do enjoy watching “The Young and the Restless”, so I don’t want to lose it. But, in many ways, the handwriting is on the wall for Soap Operas. A few, like Y&R, “The Bold and the Beautiful”, and “General Hospital”, seem to be hanging in there–for now. And new formats for daytime drama have hit the scene as well. Martha Byrne, “As the World Turns” fans’ beloved “Lily” for several years, has launched her own web based Soap,“Gotham”, which is delivered in under 10 minute “webisodes” featuring many familiar faces recruited from her “As the World Turns” days. Is this the future of Soap Operas? Perhaps…

But really…are we just too busy multitasking these days to “waste” more than six minutes and 21 seconds on infidelity, evil twins, the ever popular logic defying total plastic surgery to look just like your arch enemy, paternity tests every time the stork visits, and the inevitable Friday afternoon cliffhanger? Let’s hope not! Because I really need somebody’s life to be crazier than mine….

Back When The Fonz Jumped the Shark


It was September of 1977, back when school always started the day after Labor Day the way God intended, not in the middle of August before our summer was even over. And, it was also when the new season of everybody’s favorite television shows premiered in September too, not October-January, or whenever the Hollywood folks felt like coming back to work for 6 weeks before they took their first of several “hiatus” for the year. I was 12, in my first year of junior high, and like kids and adults all across America, I anxiously plopped down in the family room on the red shag carpet, glued to the one television in the house that received only three channels—ABC, CBS, and NBC, to watch The Fonz jump the shark! He did, and we watched nervously as he barely cleared the enclosure of Jaws, The Ripoff, to live to be cool another day and to also spawn a new phrase, “Jump the Shark”, which is now used routinely to describe a television series whose best years are behind it and has resorted to outrageous, gimmicky stunts to retain viewers. AYYYY!

It’s truly hard for me to believe that was well over 30 years ago now. It’s also hard to believe that in anyone’s wildest imagination, the decadent, hedonistic 70’s could be considered a simpler, more innocent time–but they really were. At least if you were an average kid growing up in the suburbs, and not hanging out at Studio 54, that is. In 1977 we were much more insulated from everything that was going on in the world around us. Television was still monitored by censors back then, and there was no way my 12 year old eyes would have ever flipped the channel during prime time to accidently witness a graphic murder, and then the victim’s corpse splayed open on the medical examiner’s table. There was no 24/7 cable news to give us overly private details of the trainwrecked lives of celebrities, some of whom are not much older than I was when I sat on that shag carpet that night to watch the shark jumping. There was no sexting, no cyberbullying on Facebook, no Internet at all.

So, while the world was not really any more innocent than it is in 2011 (it’s naïve to think there is anything new under the sun), at least we had a somewhat gentler introduction to its harsh realities than kids do today. Kids who would probably howl with laughter at me and my generation breathlessly gathered around the t.v. to watch a hokey stunt involving a grown man in a leather jacket jumping over a shark on his water skis while Opie Taylor drove the boat.

Other Noteworthy Events of 1977:

  • President Jimmy Carter pardons almost all Vietnam War draft evaders
  • Alex Hayley’s “Roots” premieres on ABC
  • Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” released
  • Bank of America adopts the name VISA for their credit cards
  • Libyan Socialist Arabs People’s Republic forms
  • “I’m Your Boogie Man” by KC & Sunshine Band peaks at #1
  • Elvis Presley Dies in Memphis, Tennessee
  • Last broadcast of “Mary Tyler Moore Show” on NBC-TV
  • TV’s Rhoda gets divorced
  • President Carter raises minimum wages of $2.30 to $3.35 for Jan 1 1981
  • Miss World Contest – Miss UK wears $9,500 platinum bikini
  • Cost of a gallon of Gas: 65 Cents

Those happy days were yours and mine…