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Multiplication Rock–Still Rockin’ After All These Years!


Math has never been one of my strong suits. Okay, let’s not mince words–I suck at math. So, when I was a kid, 3rd grade I think, I learned my multiplication tables by singing along to SchoolHouse Rock’s Multiplication Rock series. And it stuck because sometimes I still remember what times what equals what musically. Of course, the other customers in line at the bank do look at me funny when they hear me singing, “A man and a woman had a little baby…they had three-E-E in the family…yes they did…”

So, when my kids had trouble with their times tables memorization, I looked them all up on You Tube and have now made that a part of the daily routine–watch one Multiplication Rock video per day, three times. And it’s working! I don’t know what your experience was like, but back in the 70’s, my classmates and I were not allowed past 3rd grade until we knew those times tables. And it came in handy too, later on when we worked on finding multiples, factors, and beyond, with simplifying fractions and such.

Nowadays, it seems educators don’t put quite as much emphasis on that rote memorization, although they should in my opinion. In the modern era, memorizing the times tables is more of a suggested course of action, instead of “Boy (or Girl)  do not even think of darkening the doorstep of that 4th grade classroom until you know these tables off the top of your head!” Yes ma’am!

So, if your little person is having some trouble with the times tables, give Multiplication Rock a try. It’ll work, I promise! Plus, I am getting tired of rockin’ out in the bank line all by myself…

Here they are in all their glory, minus the Ones and the Tens, of course, because those are easy. Any number times one is itself, and any number times ten means add a zero. Even I can remember that, so how hard can it be?

The Twos

The Threes

The Fours

The Fives

The Sixes

The Sevens

The Eights

The Nines

The Elevens

The Twelves