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Emotions Declared Unethical–Alert The Media! (But Steer Clear of Jack Marshall, Ethics Savant)


Note to self: Do not rattle cage of linear thinking attack dogs, already foaming at the mouth. Check! 

Yesterday, I was minding my own business, still seething over the Casey Anthony verdict…I took to the internet as I usually do when I’m looking for information, interaction, exchange of ideas, etc. I like to write, so I did what I do best–I wrote about how I was feeling. This led to, as it always does, me following the tags that I use on my posts to see what other people are thinking and writing on the topic(s). And that, my friends, was my first mistake. I happened upon a blog which asserted that the 12 jurors in the trial were “ethics heroes”. I clicked and read it. (Mistake #2) And, because my emotions were running high, I posted a response, at first politely disagreeing with the blogger’s thesis. (Mistake #3, and boy was it a doozie). 

Things deteriorated from there, when the blogger couldn’t tolerate human emotion, and I, coincidentally, happen to have emotion. He seemed to be confusing emotion with stupidity. After it deteriorated, it got ugly. To be fair, I played my part in the mudslinging (yesterday anyway). As is typical of me, when pushed too far, and unfairly so, I lost my temper and got snarky. Before it was over with, I had both corrected his poor spelling, and called him an ass. It was unpleasant, because, believe it or not, I don’t enjoy arguing. But, it’s one of those things that can’t be helped sometimes, particularly when someone is going out of their way to attack you and, for all intents and purposes, telling you that you are stupid for having feelings. 

I had all but forgotten about it, but when I got up this morning and checked my blog stats, I saw an inordinate number of hits–and those hits had originated from his blog. I knew something was up, so I went to check it out. To my surprise (although why I would be surprised after yesterday’s bizarre exchange I have no idea) today’s attack blog was all about me. That’s right, yours truly! This sack of Spock-like insanity had actually taken the time to re-post the major points of my own Casey Anthony blog, refuting each one, logically of course. And he used my blog name a lot too–he seems to be especially confused as to why I can dare call myself witty. LOL

Here’s the thing…I’m obviously not an ethics expert. Nor am I a legal expert. However, I never said I was. I set up this blog to write about a lot of things that I’m interested in. It’s not meant to be a professional blog, and the “offending” blog was actually even tagged “Opinion”. Life is not a math problem…when something like the Casey Anthony verdict happens upon the news scene, people will have emotions about it. That is, if they have emotions to begin with. And sometimes :::gasp::: those emotions will spill over into their blogs if they have one, or comments to news articles, etc. What my logic minded attacker seems unable to fully grasp, however, is that this is normal. And it’s okay. And, most of all, it doesn’t make me or anyone else the “equivalent of Typhoid Mary” <—-my favorite insult…STILL has me rolling! 

To read the attack piece that has now made me famous, or infamous, I guess is a better word, click here: Emotions Are Baaaaad, Logic is Goooood

Okay, well, that’s it for now….stuff to do today….emotions to feel….havoc to wreak! 

Addendum, 7/7/11

If anyone is interested, I’ve found a truly fascinating trail of breadcrumbs…I was feeling upset, but this made it all better 🙂





http://en.allexperts.com/q/Ethics-2216/Phone-Calls.htm <—-I think this one is my favorite!

(Added 7/11/11) http://familyonbikes.org/blog/2010/05/are-we-self-absorbed-parents/

I’m sure there’s more where all that came from (I mean, how could there not be?), but it’s all more than sufficient to assure me that I am in good, and very intelligent company. Bad doggie!!! LOL Life is good! 😀   

“Captain Compliance” 

But What About Caylee?


As I write this blog entry, like most of the nation, I am stunned and disgusted by the verdict that was just read in a Florida courtroom this afternoon. I can think of only one other time I felt like this–back in the 90’s, and the defendant was O.J. Simpson, who very obviously slaughtered two people and had just gotten away with it. I had thought that it would be guilty of manslaughter, with a jury less than enthusiastic to sentence anyone to death without a lot of direct proof and damning evidence. But no…it was “not guilty” on both the possible murder and manslaughter charges, and guilty of only lying to police. Slap on the wrist, anyone? What were these twelve people thinking? 

So, as Caylee’s mother giggles with delight at escaping the needle or life in prison, and presumably plans her next girl on girl dance party session, what about Caylee?

While the defense team has the audacity to stand in front of cameras and take an undeserved bow, what about Caylee? 

As Caylee’s grandparents sit in the courtroom, then go back to their Orlando home which is now reportedly “under siege”, clearly disappointed with the verdict, what about Caylee? 

Tell me, jury, if her mother didn’t kill her, who did? And who will take responsibility for tracking them down and seeing that they are convicted? Someone killed that child, because she didn’t put the duct tape on herself, nor did she bury herself off the side of the road. Who then? And who will see that justice is pursued from here on out? We’re waiting…

It seems like this happens more often than not…people do awful things and get away with them, seemingly, in this lifetime at any rate. Quite frankly, I doubt that any punishment that would have been doled out to the individual who killed Caylee, or at least neglected her to the point that she died accidentally, would have been adequate anyway. But, today, I sure would have liked to see twelve among us at least try to balance those scales…