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This Blog Is Now Closed, But You Can Find Me At My New Blog:


Hi there, long time no see! I had so much fun writing about all sorts of different topics here at As you can see, I have not blogged here in a long, looooonnnnnnggg time. Too long! Life intervened, and as time went on I became involved with other projects. I won’t be posting anything new here, however, all the postings will remain up and active for reading and comments. I have actually shared some of them recently on my Twitter account I’m really proud of the blogs I wrote here on WordPress, and this broadly focused format gave me a chance to explore my interests and spread my wings as a writer.

I’ve recently launched a new blog, more narrowly focused on what I enjoyed most here–interviews with REAL people! Please visit me on my Blogger hosted space:  What’s Your Real? will feature micro-interviews with real, interesting people just like you. I’m so excited about this new project, and I welcome your comments and feedback there as well. My first subject is Certified Life Coach, Alianna Timmins, who also happens to be a good friend of mine. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Thanks For Reading,