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WittyBizGal Nonprofit Projects; Rescue Me Earrings


Just in time for your Christmas stocking stuffer problem solving, I’ve designed these adorable little dog earrings to bring awareness to the cause of rescue animals everywhere! I will donate $5 of the sale price directly to Florida Little Dog Rescue, an amazing 501c3 nonprofit organization working hard to match last chance rescue dogs with lonely but loving humans and homes. 

If you want to take a pass on the earrings, but would still like to make a donation to Florida Little Dog Rescue, please click here to visit their website: I Want To Help Rescue Dogs! 

The earrings are designed and made by me with all gold plated elements and genuine swarovski crystal accents, fashioned in comfortable lever back pierced earring style. Green universally symbolizes hope–the hope that each of these little rescue critters have in their hearts of finding a loving home. Gold satin gift/storage bag & free shipping are included in the purchase price! 

To purchase securely through PayPal:

1) Make your payment of $20 to at I tried to embed their convenient “Buy Now” button into my blog, but it didn’t work. Where are all the computer geeks when you really need one???!!!

2) Drop me a line at with your name and shipping address. Once the payment clears, your earrings will be mailed then if in stock, ASAP if I need to restock, and/or make more.

3) If you want this item sent to someone else as a gift, please indicate that in your email. 

Thanks for reading, and for your interest in WittyBizGal Nonprofit Projects! 


Gold Plated Lever Back Earrings 1.25 inches in length

Spending November Scheming For Good; WittyBizGal Nonprofit Projects


Wow, you blink and it’s already the middle of November….

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged…longer than usual, for me anyway. I have been super busy lately, mostly with Accounting and Economics for Nonprofit Organizations, a class required for my master’s that I put off as long as I could…only 2 more after this one! It’s a tough course, and numbers are so not my thing, so it’s occupying a good portion of my days. But…

I have a little something else I’ve been working on too…a really exciting idea I had to help bring attention and donations to one worthy nonprofit at a time, awareness to a special cause, and have a little fun along the way too. So, stay tuned for my very first WittyBizGal Nonprofit Project coming soon! 

As with most projects, the best laid plans can go awry and the whole thing could be a bust. But, if it works, there will be more where that came from. At the very least, this first one will allow me to make good use of my creativity, all those business and nonprofit courses I’ve paid through the nose for, and I may help a rescue dog or two. Hint…Woof…Hint! 

Until next time…