Emotions Declared Unethical–Alert The Media! (But Steer Clear of Jack Marshall, Ethics Savant)


Note to self: Do not rattle cage of linear thinking attack dogs, already foaming at the mouth. Check! 

Yesterday, I was minding my own business, still seething over the Casey Anthony verdict…I took to the internet as I usually do when I’m looking for information, interaction, exchange of ideas, etc. I like to write, so I did what I do best–I wrote about how I was feeling. This led to, as it always does, me following the tags that I use on my posts to see what other people are thinking and writing on the topic(s). And that, my friends, was my first mistake. I happened upon a blog which asserted that the 12 jurors in the trial were “ethics heroes”. I clicked and read it. (Mistake #2) And, because my emotions were running high, I posted a response, at first politely disagreeing with the blogger’s thesis. (Mistake #3, and boy was it a doozie). 

Things deteriorated from there, when the blogger couldn’t tolerate human emotion, and I, coincidentally, happen to have emotion. He seemed to be confusing emotion with stupidity. After it deteriorated, it got ugly. To be fair, I played my part in the mudslinging (yesterday anyway). As is typical of me, when pushed too far, and unfairly so, I lost my temper and got snarky. Before it was over with, I had both corrected his poor spelling, and called him an ass. It was unpleasant, because, believe it or not, I don’t enjoy arguing. But, it’s one of those things that can’t be helped sometimes, particularly when someone is going out of their way to attack you and, for all intents and purposes, telling you that you are stupid for having feelings. 

I had all but forgotten about it, but when I got up this morning and checked my blog stats, I saw an inordinate number of hits–and those hits had originated from his blog. I knew something was up, so I went to check it out. To my surprise (although why I would be surprised after yesterday’s bizarre exchange I have no idea) today’s attack blog was all about me. That’s right, yours truly! This sack of Spock-like insanity had actually taken the time to re-post the major points of my own Casey Anthony blog, refuting each one, logically of course. And he used my blog name a lot too–he seems to be especially confused as to why I can dare call myself witty. LOL

Here’s the thing…I’m obviously not an ethics expert. Nor am I a legal expert. However, I never said I was. I set up this blog to write about a lot of things that I’m interested in. It’s not meant to be a professional blog, and the “offending” blog was actually even tagged “Opinion”. Life is not a math problem…when something like the Casey Anthony verdict happens upon the news scene, people will have emotions about it. That is, if they have emotions to begin with. And sometimes :::gasp::: those emotions will spill over into their blogs if they have one, or comments to news articles, etc. What my logic minded attacker seems unable to fully grasp, however, is that this is normal. And it’s okay. And, most of all, it doesn’t make me or anyone else the “equivalent of Typhoid Mary” <—-my favorite insult…STILL has me rolling! 

To read the attack piece that has now made me famous, or infamous, I guess is a better word, click here: Emotions Are Baaaaad, Logic is Goooood

Okay, well, that’s it for now….stuff to do today….emotions to feel….havoc to wreak! 

Addendum, 7/7/11

If anyone is interested, I’ve found a truly fascinating trail of breadcrumbs…I was feeling upset, but this made it all better 🙂





http://en.allexperts.com/q/Ethics-2216/Phone-Calls.htm <—-I think this one is my favorite!

(Added 7/11/11) http://familyonbikes.org/blog/2010/05/are-we-self-absorbed-parents/

I’m sure there’s more where all that came from (I mean, how could there not be?), but it’s all more than sufficient to assure me that I am in good, and very intelligent company. Bad doggie!!! LOL Life is good! 😀   

“Captain Compliance” 

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  1. Ack! Sounds like you really stumbled into a pile of excresence (Probably spelling that wrong, but you know what I mean). Sorry to hear that! I can empathize with you- it feels just awful. Don’t own their poison, smell a flower, and know you have friends!

    • Yes, I apparently did. Boy did I! He really should be forced to wear a warning sign or something. Now THAT would be ethical. Some people definitely have an obligation to inform the public that trying to talk to them could be hazardous…and nauseating. LOL

  2. Shouldn’t you be allowed to say what you think? I mean, how does it make you “wrong” just because you disagree with his ‘opinion’? (you know what they say about those) Glad you got under his obvious thin skin enough for him to post an entire blog just about you. I say you write and THANK HIM for bringing YOUR BLOG to the attention it should receive!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!! Home of the FREE!! I still pray to GOD everyday too! I don’t write to others if they don’t agree with prayer…. I just pray FOR them!

  3. I’m fascinated that you take solace in the fact that a trio of trial lawyers took it upon themselves to cyber-mug me over a year ago for suggesting that lawyers shouldn’t put deceptive things on their websites, even in jest. Since my criticism was initially aimed a a pal of theirs, they responded like pack dogs; in the ensuing debate, I over-stated the seriousness of the “offense” and apologized both to the lawyer involved and on the site generally. That this didn’t stop the venom is no reflection on me, but on them…and anyone who finds their conduct fair. Unfortunately, web-bile sticks around, but these guys go after a lot of people.

    It is even more fascinating that you think there is something significant about me telling a guy who accused me of sending him robocalls to get lost. I contribute my time gratis on that site to offering solutions to ethical problems—his accusation was out of line, and I said so.

    Looking for adverse links regarding someone to try to discredit them is pretty low; unethical in fact. Anyone can write anything. In this case, I was wrong on the rules involved and picked an otherwise admirable lawyer to criticize, which was unfair. But I was the one advocating a higher standard of conduct for lawyers; I just botched the execution. If you take encouragement from the fact that some trail lawyers attacked me for that, you’ve got bigger issues than over-rating the probative value of “feelings.”

    Nice picture, by the way. I can send you a photo, and you can draw a mustache and horns on it.

    • I feel SO honored that the great man himself has lowered his standards to actually make a comment on my blog. I’ll pass on the autographed 8X10 glossy though…thanks just the same. I think I’ve made my point–unethical, or not. Karma’s a bitch, Jack Marshall, and you messed with the wrong one. Chalk it up to an oopsie on your part, dear, and learn from it. Trust me, I learned a lot from my experience with you. And I thank you for that. 😉 As for those guys–love them…I mean LOVE THEM!

  4. I love your response – so totally perfect to an idiot like Mr. Marshall. And I’m honored that you linked to my dealings with the man too – love the idea of posting a round-up of others he has attacked unfairly.

    When I wrote to Mr. Marshall after he blasted me the first time (he actually honored me with THREE of his rants!) his response that it was actually very clear what unethical behavior was and that he just called it when he saw it. However –


    He seems to live in a narrow little world where he – and he alone – is the judge of all things ethical. That’s what is scary – if you do something that doesn’t fit in his nice, tidy box (like taking kids out biking the world, I guess), then he blasts you.

    In the end, I figured Mr. Marshall did WAY more good than harm for us – we ended up with many, many more blog followers than we had before. That many more people learned that it’s OK to live outside the box and follow your dream!

    • I completely agree. I do also hope that organizations looking to book a speaker/facilitator for an ethics training or seminar will follow up thoroughly on the garbage he chooses to put on his blog and will book someone else. They need to fully comprehend what they are paying for. Some of his writing is fine, but some of it, such as what he chose to blog about you and me, is questionable at best. I am a decision maker within my own organization, and I can say that without a doubt, this is not the sort of individual I would choose to coach my staff or my fellow board members on organizational ethics. I do hope that he has, as I told him when he commented here, learned from his experience with me. Writing very public hit pieces on individuals who are not celebrities will not go unnoticed. And sometimes you will pick on the wrong one, who will give you exactly what you deserve. 🙂

      • P.S. I forgot to mention that before I posted this blog about him, particularly the addendum with all of the links, I gave him ample opportunity to apologize to me and retract what he’d said. However, instead of doing the right thing, the ETHICAL thing, he instead escalated his attacks on me and allowed his readers/commenters to follow suit. Over the course of the day after he published his piece on me he insulted me repeatedly, including completely insane insults of my intelligence. He said things like I was hopeless. And I didn’t know the meaning of the worth ethics. Nor did I know the meaning of ANY words that started with an e, a t, an h, an i, a c, or an s.

        And I think that by now he probably realizes that I do indeed know the meaning of a great many words. And I know exactly how to use them too. 🙂

  5. I was stunned watching the whole comment section of the post about us – no matter how rational/logical anyone was, he bashed them. Over and over and over. There is NO WAY he will ever bend and realize he is wrong.

    At one point a friend of ours wrote to Mr. Marshall and told him that he personally knew our boys and knew that they were NOT being abused, and he encouraged Mr. Marshall to put his energies into kids who were truly being abused.

    We were stunned when our friend got a response a few seconds later saying, “Anybody who knows anything about child abuse knows that what the Vogel family is doing is child abuse. Just because you don’t know anything about it, doesn’t mean it’s not abuse.”

    Hello??? Who made Mr. Marshall the king of all things child abuse?? I would venture to guess that people who actually KNOW us would have a much better idea of how we treat our children than someone who has never met us or hasn’t even read our blog.

    I agree entirely that companies should consider carefully who they hire – do you really want someone as judgmental and irrational as Jack Marshall training your staff?

    • When you and I began to talk about this, I looked up at least one of his hit pieces on you and your family. He really, really crossed the line with you! Even more than he did with me or that attorney regarding his April Fools joke. And I was completely creeped out by him saying that he was going to keep looking in on your kids from time to time. Sounds more than a little stalker-y to me. People like that tend to be their own worst enemies and their own words and actions are what hang them in the end…he said something in the comment section about writing what he wrote about me and my blog because he’d like to see a lot less blogs like mine. Well, I would like to see a lot less blogs like his–narcissistic, preachy, all attack, all the time blogs. That’s the last thing the blogosphere needs. He’s the Perez Hilton of ethics commentary and I’m sure that REAL, professional ethics educators don’t appreciate his contributions any more than we do.

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