But What About Caylee?


As I write this blog entry, like most of the nation, I am stunned and disgusted by the verdict that was just read in a Florida courtroom this afternoon. I can think of only one other time I felt like this–back in the 90’s, and the defendant was O.J. Simpson, who very obviously slaughtered two people and had just gotten away with it. I had thought that it would be guilty of manslaughter, with a jury less than enthusiastic to sentence anyone to death without a lot of direct proof and damning evidence. But no…it was “not guilty” on both the possible murder and manslaughter charges, and guilty of only lying to police. Slap on the wrist, anyone? What were these twelve people thinking? 

So, as Caylee’s mother giggles with delight at escaping the needle or life in prison, and presumably plans her next girl on girl dance party session, what about Caylee?

While the defense team has the audacity to stand in front of cameras and take an undeserved bow, what about Caylee? 

As Caylee’s grandparents sit in the courtroom, then go back to their Orlando home which is now reportedly “under siege”, clearly disappointed with the verdict, what about Caylee? 

Tell me, jury, if her mother didn’t kill her, who did? And who will take responsibility for tracking them down and seeing that they are convicted? Someone killed that child, because she didn’t put the duct tape on herself, nor did she bury herself off the side of the road. Who then? And who will see that justice is pursued from here on out? We’re waiting…

It seems like this happens more often than not…people do awful things and get away with them, seemingly, in this lifetime at any rate. Quite frankly, I doubt that any punishment that would have been doled out to the individual who killed Caylee, or at least neglected her to the point that she died accidentally, would have been adequate anyway. But, today, I sure would have liked to see twelve among us at least try to balance those scales…

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