America And Me; Independence Day 2011


When I was growing up, I was encouraged to be grateful that I was born in the United States, and to be proud to be an American. Nobody ever told me my country was perfect, or beyond reproach…they just said that I should thank my lucky stars that I live here and can speak my mind, be free to become whoever and whatever I want to be, and vote to have my views represented as closely as possible. In other words, I grew up thinking and feeling that being patriotic was a good thing.  I’m not sure what has happened over the last 45, nearly 46 years but nowadays if you’re patriotic you’re encouraged to hide it, or at least tone it down, lest you subject yourself to all manner of ridicule and whispers behind your back. This year, I have a blog, and I have absolutely no intention of toning anything down for anybody online or anywhere. As always, this year I’ll…

Try To Learn All About Independence Day So I’ll Understand Exactly What I Have To Be Grateful For… (Click the link to visit The History Channel’s Website, the 4th of July Section–Lots of great articles and multimedia)

Wear My American Pride

Get  Crazy Crafty With Silk Flowers and Sparklers…

And Be An American, Head to Toe, No Apologies…

HAPPY 4th of JULY 2011

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  1. Here’s my ‘freedom’ story: My mother was from Korea- north Korea before the DMZ was set, forever separating families like ours. Her father, an opponent of communist China’s influence, was murdered one dark night. She, a teenager, was sent packing by her step-mother for fears of the next step: the murder of the first born of political dissidents. She never forgot it. She fled the war- one time diving under a hay cart to avoid bullets from planes above. She came to live with her wealthy south Korean relatives. Having had her entire life turned upside down, she decided to throw her own dice in life. She spied my Dad, a lowly private in the U.S. Army and determined to take a chance on America. Its clear ring of freedom sounded so good to her. She married my dad to obtain it. sadly, America wasn’t truly friendly to an Asian face, women in general & an Asian accent. She never did find what she was looking for. But I did. All her kids did. And that same immigrant story can be told over & over again in this great nation of ours. We need to hold our heads high & keep God in our minds, and thank HIM for our freedom.

    Thank you for your uplifting post & Yankee Doodle keep it up! ;-D

  2. Hooray for your post! I’ve been disgruntled by all the morons shooting illegal fireworks ALL NIGHT in my otherwise respectable neighborhood, and had lost sight of the grandness of the day and what it represents.
    Thank you for doing it so beautifully!

    • Thanks! 🙂 Fireworks can be so dangerous…we just get the sparklers and some poppers and leave the big ones to the pros. I hate it when people go all night like that…so disrespectful to neighbors, especially on a work night!

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