Authentic #Winning in a Post Tigerblood World


Merriam Webster defines winning as, “the act of one that wins; victory”. Given that generally accepted, vague meaning of the word, I suppose it is really not surprising that this week, “winning” has come to define the self aggrandizing, self-indulgent, at times bizarre behavior of infamous man child, Charlie Sheen. Although I have thus far resisted widespread peer pressure to follow Guinness Book of World Records record-setting, @charliesheen, I must admit that this week I have made liberal use of his trending hashtags to promote my own tweets. After all, we all want to win, don’t we?

The highly entertaining, vaguely sad events of the past couple of weeks featuring the antics of Half Man Sheen (and you thought young Angus T. was the half, didn’t you? Ha!) have made me question what it means to be a winner. Sheen obviously thinks he’s winning–and if one counts 24/7 publicity, continually revolving porn star companionship, and 1M+ Twitter followers in 24 hours, he’s not wrong folks. But what does it mean to win? Really? The last half of the formal definition, “victory”, may hold some answers for those who wish to look beyond money and all of the gratification (instant and long-term) that it can bring, and attention, which we certainly all crave to varying degrees whether we are willing to admit it or not.

To be victorious is to conquer…to accomplish…to achieve…and yes, to win. These words evoke images of vanquishing foes in war, in games…earning coveted awards in life from good grades in school when we’re young, to promotions at work when we’re not…to win what you, and those around you, deem important and worthwhile. To an individual, victory and “winning” is and always will be defined by the personal demons they must conquer, disadvantages they must overcome, and the dreams they wish to realize.

In my mind, Charlie Sheen is no winner. He has certainly conquered Twitter–or has he? Chances are, someone with an even bigger train wreck of a life will come along and knock him off that pedestal. After all, Charlie Sheen is the new Lindsay Lohan, isn’t he? She herself was the new Anna Nicole, I’d argue. Accomplishments and achievements? Well, he has some, I will give him that one. Then again, how difficult is it to succeed in Hollywood when you pop out of your mother’s womb an obscenely rich and even better looking version of your already wildly famous and successful father?

I’m not here to bash Charlie Sheen. Enough people are doing that already, and their numbers are roughly equal to those who now worship and seek to emulate him. I’m just a gal, now in the blogging biz, sometimes witty, who wants more than anything to be an authentic winner. In my lifetime, and even in my daily life, I have had a lot to overcome…but who hasn’t? At 45, I’ve also accomplished a lot by my own standards, perhaps very little by others’ measure. In fact, I daresay, in Charlie Sheen’s world the very fact that I am a 45 year old woman with all her own original parts probably makes me a #loser. Because, as you see, it is all subjective.

Now that this whole concept of winning has been introduced so violently, as Sheen would say, into my consciousness, I am going to make it a point to seek out authentic winners…to feature in my blog, which is now my public voice, to admire, to model, and to appreciate for what they bring to the world. And Charlie, once you figure out what and whom you really should conquer, accomplish something of value all on your own that you and the rest of us can be truly proud of, and achieve as an authentic winner, you might just be one of them.

Thanks very much to everyone for reading my very first blog! Until next time…

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